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Management and Structure

ISWE sits within the College of Arts and Humanities (CAH) and has close links to other schools and departments within the university. 

Project Manager

ISWE’s Project Manager is Dr Shaun Evans. He has overall responsibility for overseeing the development of ISWE on a strategic and day-to-day basis.  He reports directly to the Dean of CAH and also works closely with the Executive Director of Development on matters concerning external stakeholder relations and funding development.

Steering Group

The Steering Group represents an internal mechanism for channelling multidisciplinary research expertise into ISWE’s identity and operations.  Its role is to provide a forum for identifying, discussing and developing research opportunities on an interdisciplinary basis, thereby supporting the role of the Project Manager and playing an important part in embedding ISWE’s position as an outward-looking and innovative academic entity, throughout the university and in the wider academic world. 

The role of Steering Group members is to:

•  Reflect on ISWE’s intellectual identity and strategic development;

•  Act as conduits between ISWE and relevant research activity taking place in academic schools across the university; and

•  Promote ISWE’s institutional objectives in an ambassadorial capacity and through research, teaching and engagement activities, in multiple academic fields. 

The Steering Group aims to meet once every two months.  A formal agenda and minutes are produced for every meeting.


ISWE Project Manager (Shaun Evans)
Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities (Andrew Edwards)
Head of the School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology (Peter Shapely)
Head of Archives and Special Collections (Elen Wyn Simpson)Lowri Angharad Hughes (Canolfan Bedwyr)
Peredur I. Lynch (School of Welsh)
Sue Niebrzydowski (School of English Literature)
Gwilym Owen (Bangor Law School)
Nia Powell (School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology)
Huw Pryce (School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology)
Lowri Ann Rees (School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology)
Stephen Rees (School of Music)
Eifiona Thomas Lane (School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography)
Carol Tully (School of Modern Languages and Cultures)
James Walmsley (School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography)

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is an external body consisting of community members who share a concern for the development of ISWE into a vigorous intellectual entity capable of making a positive difference to Welsh society and culture.

The role of Advisory Board members is to:

•  Provide advice and insight into external organisations and individuals of potential significance to ISWE’s future;

•  Reflect on ISWE’s development;

•  Act as a sounding board for ISWE’s strategic planning;

•  Advise on philanthropic funding development;

•  Play ambassadorial roles on ISWE’s behalf in the wider world. 

The Board meets at least twice a year at locations to be chosen by the Chair and an agenda and minutes are produced for every meeting.

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