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Partnership & Collaboration

Collaboration is an integral part of our institutional identity, underpinning our approach to research, our public engagement and our efforts to make positive contributions to society and culture.
Since our establishment we have sought to build connections and links with other academic partners within and beyond Wales, and with a range of organisations and individuals operating in the archives, cultural heritage, historic environment, rural affairs and tourism sectors.

Many of these relationships are essential to our long-term success.  They depend on regular dialogue, the development of mutual understanding and a sense of shared objectives.  Much of our research is reliant on the fantastic work of archives and heritage organisations in preserving and arranging collections to make them accessible for analysis.  Our development has also been boosted through close interactions with the owners and custodians of Wales’ country houses and estates.  The ability to exchange knowledge, insights and perspectives with external stakeholders is often key to the design, development and delivery of our research.  Partnership assists us in developing a profile and activities right across Wales, whereas it is these connections which often provide the channels for us to share our research and findings with new and wider audiences. 

ISWE forms part of a wider international network of research and heritage initiatives focusing on the historical significance of country houses and estates.  The approaches and achievements of the Centre for the Study of Irish Country Houses and Estates, Yorkshire Country House Partnership and Centre for Scotland’s Land Futures have continuously provided inspiration and opportunities for international collaboration.  We are also proud to be members of ENCOUNTER | The European Network for Country House and Estate Research

The lists below give an indication of some of our key partners and stakeholders across different sectors.  They have contributed to our research, offered important insights and perspectives on our work, or inspired our development.   

Bangor University partners:

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Heritage organisations:

Historical societies: