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Doctoral Scholarships

The Institute for the Study of Welsh Estates is committed to attracting and supporting the very best researchers to lead the projects of discovery and exploration that will underpin our success.  In order to achieve this ambition it’s essential that we develop a vibrant cohort of doctoral students.

Our aim is to provide an environment of opportunity for ambitious early-career researchers who have a passion for exploring subjects relating to the impact and influence of estates in Welsh history.

We believe that PhD projects provide an outstanding platform for innovative research and new discoveries. 

Attracting, nurturing and supporting the next generation of researchers represents a key objective for the Institute for the Study of Welsh Estates.

Donors can play a major role in helping us to achieve this objective by supporting scholarships for PhD students.  Donor-funded scholarships can provide fantastic opportunities for early-career academics to undertake research without the significant financial pressures which can sometimes act as a deterrent to postgraduate study.  Their projects will make a major contribution to ISWE’s development.

To discuss opportunities for supporting doctoral projects, please contact Sheila O’Neal, Executive Director of Development.  Email:


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